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Build your Resume! This is a great opportunity!

Teach Elementary School is looking for 3-4 Cal Poly students to volunteer to coach a MathCounts team for some strong 6th grade math students (and perhaps some exceptional 4th and 5th grade students). MathCounts (https://www.mathcounts.org/) is a competition series designed to get students to develop their problem-solving ability, rather than to hone specific techniques explained by an instructor, and it is aimed at grades 6-8. MathCounts provides coaching materials and curriculum and many other resources (including online collaboration tools). This year’s competition kit will be released November 1, and regional competitions are held throughout February.

The Cal Poly students would be responsible for

  • Preparing and running an elective course at Teach as a warm-up activity. The course would run on Thursdays from 1:30-2:45, starting on September 28, and would likely contain around 12 elementary students. The Cal Poly students will introduce basic probability (counting techniques, etc) in the context of games and other fun problem-solving activities, perhaps also incorporating some geometry. (All necessary resources for these activities can be drawn from MathCounts materials from previous years.) The elective course would run on the last Thursday of September and all four Thursdays in October.
  • On Wednesday of the next week (Nov. 1), the 2017 MathCounts kit is released. At this point, the Cal Poly students will hold a weekly after-school meeting to train for the competition. The meeting will be 2:50-3:50 on a day other than Monday. These meetings do not need to run for the full hour, but should occur in that window.
  • The emphasis should be on having fun with mathematics!
Curricula and materials developed for this program could also be used as a basis for a senior project. Additionally, participation in this program will provide excellent classroom and curriculum-development experience, making it a great resume-builder!
Interested students should contact Erin Pearse (epearse@calpoly.edu).

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