Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Now Hiring! CESAME Instructional Assistants

Are you looking for a part time job for next academic year? Teach in a local classroom or after school program! This is a great opportunity to earn $12.50/hour and 1 unit per quarter if you want to work with kids or if you are interested in teaching! 

CESAME Instructional Assistants may work as either a TeAMS Tutor or a MOST Mentor, and take on additional tasks as available. Hours are flexible; minimal time commitment is 6 hours per week, with the opportunity to work up to 12 hours any given week. Sign up for just one quarter, or for the entire year. 

Job Duties

Job duties will generally be focused on teaching and understanding the way students learn. Regular duties may include:

•    Teaching modules in an after-school program
•    Assessing students' learning
•    Assisting a local teacher in their classroom
•    Tutoring students in science, mathematics, and/or English
•    Reading articles related to teaching and learning

Additional duties may include assisting at events, developing curriculum, or conducting focus groups.


•    Interest in working with children
•    Passion for teaching
•    Weekly seminar (Tuesday or Wednesday, 4-6 pm) and additional field hours (6-12 total hours per week)
•    Completion of background check(s) (Live Scan) prior to hire
•    Personal vehicle is preferred, but not required. Arrangements can be made for those utilizing public transportation.


Email cesame@calpoly.edu to get more information about becoming an Instructional Assistant.

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