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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Volunteer Opportunities!

Looking to add some volunteer hours to your resume?

Would you like to try teaching?

Do you enjoy sharing your knowledge and encouraging others?

at the Central Coast Regional Middle School Science Bowl

Have fun!
Encourage the next generation!
Enjoy some FOOD! 

February 23, 2019
four hour shifts from
8am – 4:30pm

We are reaching out to gather volunteers to help out with the Middle School National Science Bowl being held at Cal Poly on Saturday, February 23, 2019 (Saturday).

It will be on campus in the Baker Building and everyone will be fed! 

Some volunteer duties include: greeting, running score cards, room monitoring, giving campus tours, etc. This is a great opportunity to get some volunteer hours in. Here is the website and online sign up for more information.


Please feel free to contact cesame@calpoly.edu or call 805-756-2859

2019 NSB National Science Bowl a competition like no other...

Are you interested in mentoring high school students in their physics classes?

Da Vinci schools in Los Angeles have implemented a new senior Physics course. Be a part of this exciting time by mentoring students in “learn by doing” Physics Lab Projects. 

Help the students to identify guiding questions and prepare their lab experiment. Deliver feedback that helps them produce a classy, well-understood, and clearly-explained project. The commitment would be a couple of guiding discussions with Prof. Edwards and 2 virtual check-ins with the high school students over the Winter quarter (~10-15hr total). 

Interested Contact: Louise Edwards. 



Want to work with a student on a Science Fair Project?

Hawthorne Elementary in San Luis Obispo needs you!

The Science Fair is March 25, so it would work well if you could mentor  by the end of January or beginning of February; twice per week after school for about an hour. (2:40-3:40)  Any days of the week would work except for Mondays. It is also important to note,  parent conferences are the week of March 11-15, so no mentoring that week.

Tasks would include: help students choose a project, guide them through the Scientific Method, help them conduct the experiment and assist in completing display boards. The classroom teacher can help to provide any supplies (boards, computers and paper for printing.)

For more information contact:

Vanessa Parsons <vparsons@slcusd.org>


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