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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Developing Maker Skills and Lessons for K12 Teachers

Harness the excitement of the Maker Movement to address ELA, social studies, math, science and the new computer science standards. Cal Poly’s Center for Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Education (CESAME) is offering a two-week online professional development opportunity on “Developing Maker Skills and Lessons for all Subjects in the K12 Classroom” this summer. The Maker Movement offers many tools (3-D printers, coding, laser cutters, robots, Arduino controllers) each of which have potential to help all students learn in the K12 classroom. Given the current situation in education, this year’s workshop will be online and will focus on the maker skills: coding and robotics, both of which can work in an online environment. 

In this workshop, you will learn a visual style of coding and how to use it to drive a small robot. You will learn strategies for using these tools in culturally responsive ways to ensure students of all ability levels can access coding and robotics and connect it to their own lives. One major outcome of the workshop will be a universally designed lesson plan (for any subject area) that integrates these skills and strategies and can be implemented in the upcoming school year. Teachers with or without STEM backgrounds or expertise are encouraged to apply. 

Workshop Information
  • The workshop will be offered: TBA
    • Synchronous: TBA 
    • Asynchronous: 5-10 hours per week (independent and/or group work)
    • Office hours: facilitators will be available
  • General and special education teachers from all disciplines are encouraged to apply
  • All experience levels welcome.
  • $500 stipend
  • CEU credits available.


For questions: contact cesame@calpoly.edu

* There will be a follow up opportunity for teachers who wish to implement their lessons next year. Implementers will receive a stipend to implement their lesson, and a class set of robots will be loaned to their school site. There will also be a Reflection Workshop Spring 2021 open to all participants to share ideas and present the results of their lesson implementation.

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