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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

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LBDL Virtual Kitchen Chemistry

Sign up for Virtual Kitchen Chemistry!

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CESAME: Center for Engineering, Science, and Mathematics Education

Try Teaching

Learn about why Cal Poly students love our programs!

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LBDL: Learn by doing lab

Experience the Learn By Doing Lab!

Students enrolled in LBDL engage visiting 5th-8th grade students in hands-on science and engineering labs on campus. Offered Winter and Spring quarters!

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Experience STEM teaching. All majors are welcome! Earn $13.00/hour and have FUN!

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TEAMS: teacher assistants in mathematics and science

Get paid, earn credit, and gain teaching experience with TeAMS!

TeAMS is a paid early field experience for future K-12 STEM teachers. Offered Fall, Winter and Spring quarters!

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