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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Transfer Student Teacher Pathway

Transfer Student Teacher Pathway Earning Your Credential At Cal PolyThe Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo School of Education credential programs are looking for leaders motivated to challenge education inequity and make a difference. If you are ready to learn how to create classrooms where students learn and reach their potential, bring your aspirations to Cal Poly.

While earning your degree in the field you plan to teach is beneficial, you do not have earn a specific degree to become a teacher in any field. There are many pathways to becoming a teacher.

While we would love to have you get your degree at Cal Poly, that isn’t always possible. You can get a degree at any accredited university, and then get your teaching credential at the Cal Poly School of Education.

For general questions:
Courtney Moore, Student Support Liaison | cmoore69@calpoly.edu
For questions on participating in a CESAME teaching program: 
Christine Haas, CESAME Coordinator | cehaas@calpoly.edu
For specific questions about earning your teaching credential with the School of Education: 
Brittany Blunk, SOE Credential Analyst | bblunk@calpoly.edu
Martina Scattolin, SOE Credential Analyst | mscattol@calpoly.edu  


At the Cal Poly School of Education, you can earn a Single Subject (specific subject area), Multiple Subject or Special Education credential. In addition to these credentials, if you have Spanish language skills, you may qualify to add a Bilingual Authorization to your credential. Below you will find links for specific majors and example pathways for becoming a teaching using your degree. While we offer these sample pathways, there are MANY ways to become a teacher, and we encourage every future teachers academic journey!






There are several transfer specific resources that can help with the transition to Cal Poly. Below are the links and websites to resources that we recommend exploring as you start your academic and social journey at Cal Poly! If you plan on attending a different university, they should offer similar resources for Transfer Students.

New to Cal Poly, the Transfer Center provides support to current and prospective Cal Poly Transfer Students. They host various events, hold space for the transfer experience and offer free transfer academic coaching. We recommend visiting the Transfer Center and connecting with fellow transfer students.


Assist.org is a website designed to aid transfer students in transitioning to a 4-year university. Assist.org provides information on the degree-specific agreements that California Community Colleges have confirmed with California State Universities. We recommend using Assist.org while working on your transfer application(s).

CESAME & Cal Poly TRIO Achievers, with support from the Cal Poly Transfer Center, offers virtual transfer hangout sessions. These hangouts provide information about the process of becoming a California teacher. Students who attend the hangouts can earn gift cards and other prizes. If you are interested in attending, please contact Courtney Moore at cmoore69@calpoly.edu.

Cuesta College hosts Edúcate- Sí Se Puede, an inspirational conference for Latino and Latina High School students in San Luis Obispo County. This conference works to empower and motivate students to pursue higher education, encourage them to overcome barriers, understand that they can achieve their goals, and expose students to a myriad of educational and career paths. 

You can watch the recorded session, Experiences of Latinx Students in Teacher Programs. This session features a panel of Latinx Transfer students at Cal Poly and discusses their journey to becoming future bilingual edcuators

This information serves to help transfer students interested in becoming California teachers have an idea of what the process entails. While these example pathways can be useful for future teachers, they are not the only pathway to becoming a teacher.   


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