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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Contact Us

If you have questions or concerns:

Faculty Offices East (Map Link)
Building 25, Room 123
(805) 756-2859


Name Title phone Email Office
Chance Hoellwarth, Ph.D CESAME Director 756-1665 choellwa@calpoly.edu 25-124
Stamatis Vokos, Ph.D STAR Director 756-2306 svokos@calpoly.edu 25-127
Jane Lehr, Ph.D LSAMP Program Director 756-6442 jlehr@calpoly.edu 25-122
Seth Bush, Ph.D Learn-By-Doing Lab Program Director 756-2746 sbush@calpoly.edu 180-304C
Nancy Stauch Teacher in Residence, Placement Coordinator 756-6587 nstauch@calpoly.edu 25-126


Name title phone Email Office
Kaylene Wakeman STAR Program Coordinator 756-2403 kwakeman@calpoly.edu 25-128
Erica Garcia LSAMP Program Coordinator 756-2875 egarc150@calpoly.edu 25-129
Jenny Cruz CESAME/MSTI Program Coordinator 756-2859 jmcruz@calpoly.edu 25-123
Sarah Hegg TQP Grant Coordinator 756-7492 shegg@calpoly.edu 02-113A

CSU STEM VISTA AmeriCorps Members

These individuals are volunteers with CESAME for the 2017-2018 academic year through the CSU STEM VISTA program.
Name Title Phone Email Office
Nicki Holm 12-Month CSU STEM VISTA Supporting Access to Inclusive and Equitable Undergraduate Research and Project-Based Learning Experiences 756-2418 nholm@calpoly.edu 25-121
Monica Singer 12-Month CSU STEM VISTA Supporting Underrepresented Students in College of Engineering 756-2418 mlsinger@calpoly.edu 25-121
Casey McCullough 12-Month CSU STEM VISTA Supporting Undocumented Students at Cal Poly and on the Central Coast  756-2418 cmmccull@calpoly.edu 25-121
Zulema Aleman 12-Month CSU STEM VISTA Supporting Undocumented Students at Cal Poly 756-2418 zaleman@calpoly.edu 52-E11

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