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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Why I Teach Conversation Series*

* This is one of the requirements for the $250 Try Teaching STEM Scholarship

Local educators share their stories, the work they do, the impact they have on their students, how being an educator helps them live their best life.


The format of our “Why I Teach” Conversation Series will be a fireside chat. The moderator will interview a local teacher about how they decided to be a teacher, their pathway to their current position, what impact they have on students, and how education has let them live their best life. After the moderated questions, there will be time for you to ask questions, and then food will be provided along with the opportunity for informal discussions.


Winter 2023
   Jesse Sanford
   Guadalupe Elementary School Teacher 
   Wednesday, March 15 4:30-6:00 pm in Baker (180-102)


Spring 2023
   Patricia Villalobos 
   Righetti High School Ethnic Studies Teacher 
   Monday, May 8 4:30-6:00 pm in Baker (180-101)
   Mary Ellen Mosley 
   Mesa Middle School Science Teacher 
   Thursday, June 1 5:00-6:30 pm in Baker (180-101)

Try Teaching STEM Scholarship

Attending this talk is one of the requirements for the $250 Try Teaching STEM Scholarship. The other requirements are:

  • Participating in one of the following: Learn By Doing Lab (LBDL), Teaching Assistants in Math and Science (TEAMS), Mentors Out of School Time (MOST), Sci Trek, STEM Learning Assistant, Supplemental Workshop Leader, Writing and Learning Center STEM Tutor, or be pursuing the Education and Equity Minor.
  • Attend a Why I Teach Conversation
  • Taking a Teaching Interest Survey


If you have any questions, please contact Christine Haas at cesame@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-2859


Graphic attribution: Image by pch.vector on Freepik

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