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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Makers in Out-of-School Time (MOST)



Mentors prepare and present maker content to after-school students in a small group setting


Apply to be a M.O.S.T. Mentor

Why Participate?

Do you want to make a fundamental difference in the lives of children? Have you thought about becoming an educator? Do you want to earn money while learning if a future career in education is right for you? If so, consider participating in Makers in Out of School Time!

What is M.O.S.T. ?

M.O.S.T. is paid, early-field experience offered to undergrad students who want to work with children and or seek an experience to "try teaching." 

M.O.S.T. offers a unique opportunity to try teaching in an off-campus, structured environment in tandem with weekly seminar discussions focused on effective teaching strategies.

M.O.S.T. Requirements

  • Available Tuesdays 4PM - 6PM (seminar on campus)
  • Available Thursdays 3PM - 6PM (teaching off campus)
  • Application submitted and accepted for hiring 
    • Hiring process and Live Scan fingerprinting completed

M.O.S.T. Includes:

  • 1-unit for weekly seminar (SCM 220-02)
  • $17.50/hour for teaching at a local school site
  • Carpooling to school site will be arranged 


R. Y. - Classroom teacher, "The kids love the program!"

H. L. - M.O.S.T. mentor, "If you are thinking about teaching, even just a little bit, it's a great job where you get paid to learn a lot and gain valuable experience. Highly recommend!"


To become a Mentor, students must:

  1. Complete a brief application.
  2. Upon acceptance, complete hiring paperwork and sign up for a Live Scan
  3. Register for SCM 220-02 (Mentors in Out of School Time). 


If you have any questions about M.O.S.T., please contact Christine Haas at cesame@calpoly.edu or (805) 756-2859

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