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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Modeling in Secondary Science and Mathematics Online Workshop

[this was for Summer 2021, check out later for Summer 2022]

The Western Regional Noyce Alliance (NSF #1745263) is pleased to announce an exciting summer mathematics and science professional development opportunity for Noyce Scholars, Fellows, and Teachers who teach in grades 9-12. This one-week (5-day), distance learning workshop, conducted via Zoom, focuses on modeling real-world scientific phenomena with an emphasis on grades 9-12. The content and pedagogy in this workshop is directed at both mathematics and science teachers and is intended to enhance the background of the participants and provide them with strategies to support inquiry and understanding of their students. The workshop will be led by Jeff Hovermill from Northern Arizona University and Jon Anderson from the University of Minnesota-Twin Cities.


All Participants will receive a stipend for $250 and 15 professional development seat hours. 
Registration is first come, first serve basis. Participation from all Western Regional Noyce projects is strongly encouraged! Priority will be given to applicants who have already completed student teaching. 

Workshop outcomes and opportunities

-Be part of an intensive learning experience that emphasizes challenging applied tasks within a collaborative online learning environment.
-Develop valuable collegial relationships and networks with other Noyce science and mathematics teachers throughout the Western Region.
-Use problem solving, multiple representations, and technology to investigate and model real world applications and concepts.



For more information, contact: Jenny Cruz at cesame@calpoly.edu

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