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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Learn By Doing Lab

The Learn By Doing Lab is an on-campus laboratory where 5th-8th grade students from local schools can experience real world, standards-based, inquiry-driven science curricula taught by Cal Poly undergraduates planning careers in teaching.

Bring your students to LBDL!

Local Teachers 

Bring your class to the Learn By Doing Lab!

Since the launch of the Learn By Doing Lab in Spring 2008, over nine-thousand elementary and middle school students have participated! If you want to get your students excited about science, this is the experience for them!

Registration Info›

Student Teaching LBDL

Cal Poly Students 

Become a teacher in the Learn By Doing Lab!

SCM 302 gives students who are contemplating careers in middle school and/or secondary education a hands-on early science teaching experience!

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