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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

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Learn By Doing Lab Frequently Asked Questions

1. When are the Learn By Doing Labs?

Learn By Doing Labs take place most Thursdays and Fridays of Winter and Spring quarters at Cal Poly for grades 5th-8th.  Learn By Doing Labs take place most Wednesdays of Spring quarter at Cal Poly for grades 3rd-4th.

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2. How often do the labs change?

Labs may, but are not guaranteed to, change every year--or even every quarter. This depends on which instructors teach the Learn By Doing Lab class at Cal Poly. There are generally 4 different labs that rotate (in no particular order) throughout the year. 

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3. Is there a cost to participate in the Learn By Doing Lab?

No, the LBDL is completely free!

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4. How many students can I bring to the Learn By Doing Lab?

Each Thursday/Friday Lab day we can accept 100 5th-8th grade students and Wednesday Lab day we can accept 60 3rd-4th grade students. If you would like to bring more than that, be aware that your group will be split over multiple days. If you have certain splitting preferences, please notate them in your registration application.

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5. Is transportation provided?

No, there will be designated parking for busses and we will provide parking availability. 

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6. How many chaperones are required?

The Learn By Doing Lab does not require a specific chaperone/student ratio, but you should check with your school.

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7. What times are the Learn By Doing Labs?

Learn By Doing Labs start promptly at 9:10am and end by 11:30am, and additional afternoon activities can be scheduled through other groups/clubs/organizations on campus.

Note: Afternoon activities are completely optional. If you are interested, please contact the respective person, as the LBDL Program Assistant does not schedule the afternoon events. 

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8. Lunch provided?

No, but there are beautiful grassy areas (and indoor spaces, too) to eat a bagged lunch and several restaurants on campus.  Please put all lunches in easy boxes to carry.  Do not have students put these in individual backpacks. 

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9. Can I register my class if I do not teach 5th-8th grade or 3rd-4th?

The Learn By Doing Lab material is focused on 5th-8th or 3rd-4th grade, and those grades are given priority in scheduling.  While we believe it is great for students of all ages to experience hands-on science, the material of the Learn By Doing Lab would not be adequately engaging for those older than 8th grade.

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10. How many classes can register per school?

We do not regulate the number of classes that register per school. However, we cannot guarantee that each class will be accepted. As each individual registrant is assigned a priority number, we encourage schools to register together. This ensures that no classes will be left out.

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11. If the 6th grade class from my school is registering, can I also register my 7th grade class?

To avoid students participating in the same lab twice, we encourage schools to choose one grade to bring each year. So, if 6th grade students participated last year, it would be wise to have your 6th grade also participate this year, rather than your 7th grade.

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12. How does the registration lottery work?

Each school is assigned a random number. Slots are filled using three criteria: lottery number, number of students, and available dates.  

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Who Do I Contact?

If you still have unanswered questions, please contact Jenny Cruz, LBDL Program Coordinator, at learnbydoinglab@calpoly.edu or 805-756-2859.

Possible Afternoon Activites after confirmed Learn By Doing Lab

Visit:  https://cesame.calpoly.edu/afternoon-activities


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