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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Teacher Assistant in Mathematics and Science (TeAMS)

Teams logo Teacher assistants in mathematics and science

Why Participate?

Do you want to make a fundamental difference in the lives of children? Have you thought about becoming an educator? Do you want to earn money while learning if a future career in education is right for you? If so, consider enrolling in Teacher Assistants in Mathematics and Science. 

What is TeAMS?

TeAMS is a paid, early-field experience offered each quarter for undergrad students who seek a practical, hands-on experience to "try on teaching" while tutoring in schools throughout the community*.

TeAMS offers a unique opportunity to tutor in an off-campus, structured environment in tandem with weekly seminar discussions focused on effective teaching strategies that build a community of respect and rapport for both the tutor and tutee. 

TeAMS participants apply effective teaching strategies to support students in a variety of subject matters (i.e. math, science, language arts, social studies) in elementary to high school settings.

TeAMS Includes:

  • 1-unit for weekly seminar (SCM 220-01)
  • $17.50/hour (or additional units) for teaching at a local school site

TeAMS Requirements (see registration link below)

  • Application submitted and accepted for hiring 
    • Hiring process and Live Scan fingerprinting completed
  • Commit to a minimum of 3 hours to a maximum of 10 hours of tutoring at an assigned school site each week,


C. D. - Classroom teacher, "This is an exceptional group of young adults that are already making a huge impact on our students. We are both grateful and humbled by how truly amazing they are!"

M. M. - TeAMS member, "It was so incredible getting the chance to explore and try teaching, while also getting to make genuine connections with students. I learned so much!"


*Placements are throughout the County from Paso Robles to Santa Maria.
 Note: Online and in-person tutoring options are currently available.

**Arrangements can be made (but not guaranteed) for those needing assistance with transportation to and from the school site.

***Tutors are compensated for travel time to and from school site.

How do I Register?

Application Process:

  1. Complete the application, which can be found here. 
  2. Enroll in the TeAMS Seminar (SCM 220-01)
  3. Complete hiring paperwork* and sign up for Live Scan
  4. Submission of finalized Cal Poly schedule is due the second week of the quarter of participation

*You must provide valid documentation authorizing your eligibility to work in the United States when completing this paperwork.

Additional Requirements/Information:

You must obtain clearance to work at the school site by completing the following:

  • Live Scan or other fingerprint clearance (two are required; one for Cal Poly and one for your placement site if needed)
  • TB Clearance
  • School site specific paperwork

TeAMS in the News:

Mustang News: Get paid, earn credit and gain teaching experience with TeAMS

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Who Do I Contact?
Christine Haas

  • cehaas@calpoly.edu
  • (805)756-2859
  • Building 25, Room 128


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