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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

Website Update

Teacher Assistant in Mathematics and Science (TeAMS)

Teams logo Teacher assistants in mathematics and science

What is TeAMS?

TeAMS is a paid early field experience for future K-12 STEM teachers. As a TeAMS participant, you will get a first hand look at running a classroom and work as both a teacher's assistant and a tutor in local* 7th-12th grade classrooms.

TeAMS is offered Fall, Winter, & Spring quarters. Students may participate in up to three quarters, but participation does not have to be consecutive quarters (e.g., a student may participate in Fall, and again in Spring). Pay rate is $15.00/hour!

*Placements may be as far North as Paso Robles or as far South as Guadalupe. Arrangements can be made, but not guaranteed for those utilizing public transportation and/or carpool.

Weekly Seminar

In the 1-unit seminar (Wednesdays, 4-6 pm), you will discuss teaching, learning, & your experiences at the school site, plus receive info about other opportunities for future teachers! Homework assignments will be given and class participation is expected.

Who Should Participate?

Cal Poly students who have a desire to work with 7th-12th grade students and want to gain practical, hands-on experience to help them decide if teaching is the right career for them. 


  • Cal Poly undergraduate students (Third or Fourth Year) who have completed their lower-division courses in Science and Math. 
  • Any undergraduate Science, Math, or Engineering related major thinking about the possibility of becoming a 7th-12th grade Science or Math teacher
  • Second, Third, or Fourth-Year Liberal Studies majors planning to obtain an FLGS or an ISMA in Science or Math to add on to their Multiple Subject Teaching Credential

How do I Register?

Applications are typically considered for the following quarter. Spring applications will be considered for Fall of the following academic year, etc...

Application Process:

  1. Complete the application, which can be found here. 
  2. Respond to email after the application has been accepted with availability
  3. Enroll in the TeAMS Seminar (SCM 220-01)
  4. Complete hiring paperwork* and sign up for Live Scan
  5. Submission of finalized Cal Poly schedule is due the second week of the quarter of participation
  6. Once a school placement has been designated to you, complete necessary requirements for your school site (found below)

*You must provide valid documentation authorizing your eligibility to work in the United States when completing this paperwork.

Placement Requirements:

You must obtain clearance to work at the school site by completing the following:

  • Live Scan or other fingerprint clearance (two are required; one for Cal Poly and one for your placement site)
  • TB Clearance
  • Your school's district-required paperwork

TeAMS in the News:

Mustang News: Get paid, earn credit and gain teaching experience with TeAMS

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Who Do I Contact?
Jenny Cruz

  • jmcruz@calpoly.edu
  • (805)756-2859
  • Building 25, Room 123


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