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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

For Cal Poly Students: Become a Teacher in Learn-By-Doing Lab!

What is Learn-By-Doing Lab?

Who: Cal Poly undergraduates majoring in science, mathematics, engineering and/or Liberal Studies and are considering careers in teaching.

What: The course, SCM 302, is designed to offer Cal Poly students an opportunity to use inquiry based, standards-based pedagogical approaches to actively engage 3rd-8th grade students from local schools. SCM 302 is intended for undergraduates exploring science teaching as a career and is an upper division elective in undergraduate coursework or anyone interested in interacting and giving back to the community.

When: Winter Quarter and Spring Quarter (please check SCM 302 in the Cal Poly catalog for a description, and PASS for class meeting times/dates).

Where: Building 38-131, Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo

Why: SCM 302 gives students who are contemplating careers in middle school and/or secondary education a rich early science teaching experience and provides a robust opportunity to establish deeper partnerships among campus units and local agencies focused on improving the pipeline of teachers who are qualified to teach science and mathematics at all grade levels.

SCM 302 Learning Objectives

  1. Gain hands-on experience teaching science to grade students
  2. Gain an experience-based understanding of what it means to teach science
  3. Be able to critically reflect on science teaching
  4. Understand key features of inquiry based pedagogical approaches, including design, preparation, implementation, reflection and assessment
  5. Be able to model inquiry based pedagogy
  6. Improved science content understanding

Who Do I Contact?

  1. Speak with Dr. Seth Bush, Assistant Professor in Chemistry, SCM 302 Instructor and LBDL Program Director (Phone: 805-756-2746/Email: sbush@calpoly.edu)
  2. Sign up for SCM 302 in the Winter or Spring

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