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Center for Engineering, Science and Mathematics Education

2nd Annual Cal Poly Noyce STAR Retreat

California Polytechnic State University
San Luis Obispo, California
July 27-31, 2015
Monday-Friday, 8:30AM-4:00PM


The 2nd Annual Noyce STAR Retreat brings together both Cal Poly Science Noyce Alumni along with other Noyce STAR Alumni for a week-long collaborative workshop to form a professional learning community focused on use of action research projects to address science teaching and learning in high need settings. Action research projects that address NGSS scientific and engineering practices and engage students as researchers are encouraged.

Pre-Workshop Reading & Survey

To familiarize workshop participants with the action research framework, we ask that all participants read the following short article and complete a brief pre-workshop survey:

Required Reading: Professional Learning and Leadership Development Directorate (2010) Action Research in Education: Guidelines, 2nd Edition (PDF)

Recommended Additional Readings (not required)

Retreat Pre-Survey: Please complete this survey after you have done the required reading, but prior to the Retreat.

Conference Details

Location: Building 180 (Baker) Room 261

Parking:  Permit for first day will be emailed to all participants and weekly pass will be distributed during Registration. Permits valid in GENERAL spaces only. See Map (pdf)

Lunch/snacks: Campus dining cards will be distributed during Registration.

Additional Visitor information: http://calpoly.edu/visitors/visitors.html

Preliminary Schedule

Monday, July 27

8:15         Workshop Room Opens: Building 180 (Baker Science) Room 261
8:30         Welcome/Logistics/Registration
9:00         Introductions & Ice Breaker
9:20         What does research look like?
10:00       Break
10:30       STAR Alumni Survey Report (John Keller)
10:45       Asking Questions in Educational Research (Michael Lachney, RPI)
11:15       Action Research Introduction
12:00       Lunch
1:00         Returners share their Action Research experiences (Ed Himelblau)
2:00         Start idea generation for action research projects
4:00         Break for the day 
6:00         Full Group Dinner (funded by Noyce) Thai Palace, 1015 Court St., SLO


Tuesday, July 28

8:30         Coffee at Campus Market (optional)
9:00         Review Deliverables for the week & year
9:30         Review Action Research Ideas from previous day
10:00       Form Working Groups / Start Work
12:00       Lunch
1:00         Citizen Science in Classrooms (John Keller)
2:00         Group Work
3:00         Lesson/Activity Open Mic
4:00         Break for the day (activities & dinner with self-formed groups)


Wednesday, July 29

8:30         Coffee at Campus Market (optional)
9:00         Group Work / Create Gallery Walk Posters by Noon
12:00       Lunch
1:00         Engineering Challenge / Family Engineering (Seth Bush)
2:00         Gallery Walk
3:00         STAR Alumni Focus Group (Brian Paavo)
4:00         Break for the day (activities & dinner with self-formed groups)


Thursday, July 30

8:30         Coffee at Campus Market (optional)
9:00         Group Work / Start Supply Order Planning
12:00       Lunch
1:00         D-School Design Process Workshop (Jane Lehr & Michael Lachney)
2:00         Group Work
3:00         Lesson/Activity Open Mic
4:00         Break for the day (activities & dinner with self-formed groups)


Friday, July 31

8:30         Coffee at Campus Market (optional)
9:00         Group Work / Finalization of Supply Ordering & Paperwork
11:00       Lunch
12:00       Presentations of Action Research Plans
3:00         Final Thoughts and Program Evaluation
4:00         Depart – travel safe!!!



Description Date
Gallery Walk July 29
Action Research Presentation July 31
Action Research Plan July 31
Supplies Order July 31
Quarterly Virtual Meeting Dates TBD at Retreat
End of Year Report from each group  
Western Noyce/CSTA Presentations (optional)  


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